Accessibility solutions that welcomes everyone without taking up more space

Dienstag, 15. September 2020

At Liftup, we have a desire to make it easier for you as an architect to create accessibility in every public and domestic buildings, so that everyone can feel welcome when entering – regardless of physical condition and mobility.

It can often be inconvenient and space-consuming having to account for accessibility in the architecture, as most solutions demand more space compared to having e.g. both a flight of stairs and a lifting platform. FlexStep is a 2-in-1 lifting platform that, when not in use, is a staircase for pedestrians. With one single tap it can be transformed into a platform lift that helps wheelchair users and people with walking difficulties up or down level differences.

“We needed both a staircase and a lift but did not have room for both. We found a solution working as both – a FlexStep where the staircase is converted into a lift whenever the user activates the function,” says Jesper Wegener from H+ ARCHITECTS, who was responsible for renovation of the Copenhagen City Court.



H+ ARCHITECTS focuses on creating access solutions that blends into the existing interior of the building. The result is dignifying solutions for users with physical disabilities, as they are not either “displayed” by an impairing platform or must travel around a whole other route than other persons when in the building.

Are you interested in knowing more about the FlexStep solution and finding out if it fits into your project? Contact us or visit our architect portal >

If you have any questions you are always welcome to contact us – we are happy to help, advise, select, and specify your solution.

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