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Freitag, 16. Juni 2017

At Liftup we are pleased to collaborate with inventors of innovative products and we are always interested in hearing from you if you have a great idea. Previously, we have had great success in collaborating with inventors – the latest innovative product invention at Liftup is Raizer. In 2014, we established contact with Anders Lykkegård (Anding Engineering & Design), the inventor of Raizer in its original form.

After a series of observations in the healthcare sector, Anding Engineering & Design became aware of the need for an ergonomically correct device that the staff could use to lift fallen persons without being physically strained. They got the idea for Raizer from a specific practical observed need: A mobile lift chair that is assembled beneath the fallen person and after assembly it can lift the fallen person up from the floor to an almost standing position – a solution whereby either fallen person or helper are being physically strained.

“It's difficult for us to discover all the everyday problems from our offices. Therefore, it is important for us to get input from those who experience the challenges in their everyday life. The inventions benefit all parties: We as a company growths, inventors make money from their inventions, and customers get help in solving their everyday challenges,” says Lars-Mikkel Mørup-Petersen, R&D manager at Liftup, in the article Private inventors have generated billions for established companies (Danish).

Liftup saw the potential in Raizer and partnered with Anding Engineering & Design. Liftup bought the rights to Raizer with a one-off payment.

“I think it’s more fun work with the idea development, so I never thought about starting my own business. I’d rather work with developing ideas for current prototypes than I want to engage in sales and administration. Therefore, these agreements with existing companies are very well suited to me, and I would certainly recommend it to others,” says Anders Lykkegård in the before mentioned article.

After the transfer of rights, Liftup further developed the new features, design and the performance of Raizer and today it stands as a complete product that is distributed worldwide.

If you have a great, innovative idea, feel free to contact us anytime.

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