Expansion and extension of the company management

Montag, 19. September 2016

Liftups turnover in recent years has grown by 30-50% per year. and to ensure high future growth rates a part of the original strategic plan is to establish subsidiaries in selected markets.

The current CEO, Flemming Eriksen, co-founder of Liftup, has been involved in preparing the strategic plan, and has been a leading force in the development of the company.

Liftup is now looking for new competencies to complement the existing management.

As Liftup currently is ahead of budget for 2016, which corresponds to 50% growth compared to 2015, the future changes are not due to a lack of performance, but is a result of the strategy plan. There is no need to quickly find the director, who will lead the company through the upcoming expansion process.

See the full press release (only in Danish)  from 19th September here>

Contact person: Axel Nørskov Laursen

Chairman of the Board, Liftup A/S

Mail: axel@norlau.eu

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