Liftup Awarded with Initiative Award

Mittwoch, 11. Oktober 2017

On Tuesday the 10th of October 2017, Liftup received the Initiative Award from the Danish Industry Aalborg. The award was received by Liftup CEO, Søren Elisiussen, and former Liftup CEO, Flemming Eriksen, at the Liftup headquarters in Støvring.

Leon Sebbelin (Mayor of Rebild municipality), Peter Rindebæk (Chairman of the Danish Industry Aalborg), and Søren Elisiussen each gave a speech during the award ceremony.


The Danish Industry’s Initiative Award is given to companies with less than 100 employees who have formed the basis of growth with initiative and great effort.

The Danish Industry has chosen to award Liftup with Initiative Award because “The company has been innovative with designing effective and elegant aids for the physically disabled. That is what makes customers from around the world interested – which has now resulted in an award for the company.” (from Danish Industry’s press release)

Dignity for Welfare Technology

The award is received for developments of key figures, result of the year, equity and employees during the recent years. The award winner must have demonstrated a special will and strategic ability to lead employees and business towards their common goal.

Chairman of the Danish Industry Aalborg, Peter Rindebæk, says about Liftup: ”From the very beginning, this company has worked on the principle of bringing far more dignity into the area of welfare technology. It makes a great difference whether a disabled in a wheelchair can use the same stairs as others or if they have to use a large metal box with rotating lights.”

Nominated for Danish Industry National Initiative Award

In Denmark there are 18 regional winners of the Initiative Award. All these 18 companies are automatically nominated for the Danish Industry’s National Initiative Award. The winner will be announced by executive committee of the Danish Industry on the 18th of January 2018.

Media Coverage

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