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Raizer gives 13-year-old Sofie freedom

Mittwoch, 9. März 2016

The 13-year-old Sofie Djurhuus from Høje Taastrup (Denmark) benefits a lot from her Raizer which she has been assigned for home use.

Sofie is diagnosed with muscular dystrophy and sometimes she falls. When she falls she cannot get back up by herself. Therefore Sofie has not been able to be home alone like most other teenage girls – the Raizer has changed that.

"It's great that I can be allowed to be home alone. Neither my parents nor I should have to worry about me lying on the floor and not be able to get up by myself. I am more independent now and have more freedom. I do not ask others for help or call my mom and dad if I fell in my room. "

Raizer is liberating for Sofie as she now has the opportunity to be home alone. She has therefore become more independent and confident, and she has been given more freedom with the help of her Raizer.

Watch a feature about Sofie and her Raizer from TV2 Lorry (Danish local TV) here >

Sofie Djurhuus Raizer

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