Raizer II is the safe alternative when lifting from the floor

Donnerstag, 2. April 2020

When healthcare professionals around the world acquire a Raizer these days, it is not only because the lifting aid can ensure an ergonomically correct lift and is easy to transport and handle.

Now, Raizer can contribute in more ways than you might expect…

Healthcare resources must be utilized optimally

These days, we must focus on how to best utilize the time and resources of healthcare professionals – Raizer helps those who help others.

Lifting from the floor can be performed by only one person

When the healthcare professionals use Raizer as an aid to lift a person from the floor, ressources are saved, which can be used for other essential tasks in the elderly and health care instead.

It is – maybe more than ever before – of the utmost importance.

Minimizing contamination risk

  • Only one person performs the lift
  • No manual handling
  • Increased hygiene friendliness

One person performs the lift

The risk of contamination reduces with only one person (helper, rescuer, relatives, etc.) is performing the lift and helping the fallen get up. In this way, the fallen person is not in contact with two helpers or perhaps even more care personnel, e.g. rescue services. Chains of contamination must be broken and therefore as few people as possible in contact with citizens and elder in their own homes.

No manual handling

When lifting a person with the Raizer, the risk of contamination is reduced due to minimal manual handling and moving of the fallen person. When lifting with the Raizer, there is no, or very little, close contact and the risk of contamination is thereby limited.

Increased hygiene friendliness

Before and after each lift, Raizer can and must be disinfected to stop any chain of contamination from both the previous fallen person who has been lifted and the healthcare staff in between use – keeping both safety of the citizen and the health staff in mind.

In addition, if the helper uses hygiene covers on the Raizer seat, the risk of contamination will be further reduced as the hygiene cover is discarded after use.

Contact us now to learn more about Raizer at mail@liftup.dk or 9686 3020.


Raizer: If a person has fallen and can't get back up, Raizer is an effective aid to get the fallen person back on their feet. Raizer is a battery-powered mobile lift that requires only one helper and it is used by e.g. caregivers, rescue services, and private individuals around the world.

Read more about Raizer at www.raizer.com.

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