Raizer M: A dignified experience for the private user

Freitag, 26. März 2021

“It is our endeavour to make it a stress-free and dignified experience to be helped back on the feet after a fall – whether in a nursing home or in your own private home”, says Søren Elisiussen, CEO of Liftup A/S, about the series of lifting chairs called Raizer.

Only recently, Liftup launched a new version of the lifting chair Raizer M which is designed for people who from time to time may need a helping hand to get back on their feet. If you or a close relation should experience a fall accident, there is a risk that you are unable to get up by yourself. With the new lifting chair, Raizer M, help is always on the spot, and the help is carried out by someone near and quickly by your side.

Søren Elisiussen explains about the development of the Raizer M that the goal was to create a product of the same high quality as the Raizer II, but available at a lower price to make it attractive for domestic users. The solution is the Raizer M, a lifting chair which is operated manually by means of a crank handle with very limited effort from the helper, and it takes no prior skills to manage it.

In outline, the Raizer M works just like a scissor lift. Raizer M is assembled quickly and easily beneath a person lying on the floor, who is then gently and with the power of a single helper raised up again from a lying to a standing position simply by the use of a crank handle. CEO Søren Elisiussen says:

“In the development process, the starting point was our electrically operated lifting chair, the Raizer II, which is sold to professionals in 40 countries around the world. Now we have developed a model that targets the private market and is significantly cheaper.”

Photo: Søren Elisiussen, Liftup A/S

He states that it is important that the Raizer M is gentle on both the helper and the one who has fallen:

“People with weakened physique and musculature may suffer an injury if you grab a hold of them to get them back up. My own father had cancer and I know how weak you can get. Our goal was to create a product that can be served by non-professionals and yet lift people in a way that is gentle for everyone involved,” says Søren Elisiussen.

Read the full version of a press release about Raizer M (in Danish) >

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