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FlexStep Referenzen: Ali Emiri cultural centre in Istanbul

Fatih Ali Emiri Efendi Kultur Merkezi

The cultural centre of music, conferences, theatre etc. is located in the heart of the beautiful old part of the town and is one of the most visited theaters in Istanbul.

The big township has been looking for an appropriate solution for barrier-free access to the stage which – besides shows – in the future also is intended for conference events.

Due to the round shape and lack of space between the front row of seats and the stage the architect had to find a way to integrate a lifting platform for people with physical disabilities into the stage. The decision finally fell on the FlexStep. It was a simple intervention only to remove the stage stair case. This was afterwards beautifully timbered and repainted.

The steps and handrails fitted, were specially selected to match the original stage design.


Die FlexStep funktioniert sowohl als normale Treppe wie auch als Lift für Rollstuhlfahrer. Sie ist eine innovative und wandlungsfähige 2-in-1-Lösung, die eine Menge Platz spart, verglichen mit einem Lift und einer zusätzlichen Treppe. Die FlexStep bietet eine ganze Reihe von Design- und Konfigurationsmöglichkeiten, die es einfach machen, sie in die vorhandene Umgebung und Raumgestaltung zu integrieren.

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