Liftup Sponsors the Danish Hospital Clowns in 2018

02 April 2018

Once again, Liftup sponsors the Danish Hospital Clowns.

"The most important job for a hospital clown is to create a safe and positive experience for the child at the hospital.

As the hospital clown enters a hospital ward, the ilness steps into the background. The hospital clown turns the ward into a loving place filled with play and magic and creates a universe for the child where everything is possible. The hospital clown sees the healthy and well child within the child with an illness. The child gets a break from  its illness and gets to be a child - just like all other children.

The hospital clown meets the child when it is the most vulnerable. It takes a special professional quality - and a close co-operation  with the hospital staffs. At the Danish Hospital Clowns, every hospital clown goes through 1½ years of internationally aknowledged education and undergoes further training regularly. The hospital clowns are paid and professional and their work is only possible because of the donations from private people and sponsors."

(translated excerpt from

Liftup støtter Danske Hospitalsklovne

Liftup is happy to support the good cause.

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