New longer access ramps available for FlexStep

04 July 2022

With the help of a new Raise-To-Fold (RTF) transformation option, our FlexStep products have the option for new longer ramps which makes it easier to get up on the lifting platform, as the slope is less steep.

Advantages of the ramp with "Raise-to-Fold"

  • Lower slope on the ramp makes it easier to get up on the lifting platform
  • Higher roll-off guard
  • The "Raise to Fold" transformation allows a longer ramp to remain hidden under the step.

Depending on FlexStep models and lifting heights, ramps can be as long as 200 mm, 165 mm, 130 mm or 110 mm.

Configure your next FlexStep with on Liftup Product Configurator

The Liftup Product Configurator always choses the longest ramp possible for any configuration.

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