NEW VIDEO: There are many ways to get down a staircase…

01 April 2018

Watch our new video which focuses on wheelchair users and accessibility in buildings. It shows that there are many creative – not particularly safe – ways to get down a staircase when you’re in a wheelchair…

NB: English, German and French subtitles available!

(The video was published as a TV commercial on Danish TV in weeks of 10, 11 and 12, 2018)


With Liftup’s platform lift, FlexStep, a wheelchair user can always get down the stairs in a safe way. Most of time, the platform lift is a staircase, and when a wheelchair user is going up or down the stairs, the staircase is transformed into a wheelchair lift. It is thus a functional assistive technology that helps many walking-impaired and wheelchair users in their everyday life.

FlexStep is a very relevant solution for owners of public buildings. For renovation projects, there is a requirement to ensure accessibility to give everyone equal opportunities – whether you are walking, walking-impaired or wheelchair user. FlexStep is the optimal solution for locations with small spaces for both stairs and lifts, for example in a renovation project.


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