NEWS: Liftup introduces Raizer M

12 January 2021

Based on the input received from a lot of customers, we have now developed a new version of the Raizer lifting chair which will improve the safety for millions of private citizens around the world...

We now introduce the practical and handy Raizer M which can quickly help you on your feet again, should you fall. Instead of waiting for outside help after falling, thanks to the immediate readiness of the Raizer M, it is no trouble to get up again.

A nearby relative assembles the lifting chair underneath you. It is operational right away due to the crank handle and you can be lifted from the floor to an almost standing position in just a few minutes. In this way you will not have to lie on the floor while help is on its way, and you and your dear ones may avoid a stressful situation.

The new Raizer has several of the same good qualities which the Raizer and the Raizer II already provide:

  • Lifting capacity up to 150 kg/330 lbs
  • Effortless assembly with 4 identical legs and 2 identical backrests
  • Ergonomically correct lift
  • Easy to clean
  • Safe to use

Read more about Raizer M here >

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