RehaCare in Düsseldorf

16 September 2014

Come and meet us at the Danish booth at this year's RehaCare in Düsseldorf where our complete sales team will welcome you.

Product launch: Raizer by liftup

Liftup RAIZER is a new innovative product that that can assist a fallen person to full standing position with minimal use of physical strength for the helper/assistant. Liftup RAIZER is meant to be used in homecare and in various healthcare institutions where staff is involved in lifting and handling patients. For ambulance and rescue services the Liftup RAIZER can also prove to be a valuable Tool.

For the German press - pdf.

StairTrainer by liftup

The Liftup StairTrainer is a flexible mobile training device for stair training. The Liftup StairTrainer has in the clinics and institutions where it has been introduced in many cases significantly improved the success rate of rehabilitation.

For the German press - pdf.

FlexStep by liftup

Liftup is proud to present and demonstrate for you our State of the Art innovative product FlexStep which is a combined staircase and lifting platform for wheelchair users and walking impaired. The FlexStep is the perfect solution to conquer split levels of up to 1250 mm.

For the German press - pdf.

The Export Sales Team will be looking forward to your visit at

Hall / Stand no: 4 / E35

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