The Danish magazine Magasinet Pleje brings a follow up on a number of pilot tests in Trøjborg

07 June 2016

I autumn of 2015, Center for Freedom Technology, Health and Care published a brochure on a number of welfare technologies that have the potential to be installed in care homes.

The background for the brochure was more welfare technology for care homes. Some of the users of the welfare technology the chance to do more things themselves, others have a safer and better night's sleep, and more energy to have a social, active life. Welfare technology is also about the employees doing their jobs more effectively.

Raizer is one of the technologies that initially have been run pilot tests on the care home unit at Trøjborg before presenting any decision to roll out in several of the city's nursing homes.

The pilot test in Trøjborg has so far resulted in 50 Raizere for the city of Aarhus (Municipality).

This week, the Danish magazine Magasinet Pleje has brought a four-page follow-up on the tested welfare technologies. It has Liftup had brought a full-page ad on Raizer.

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