Raizer M Case: Betty from Denmark

Having a Raizer M at home provides security

After 2 blood clots in the brain, Betty's husband sometimes falls. One time the private helper used a Raizer to help him back up and Betty showed very much interest in the product. However, she had never heard about a Raizer and therefore she searched for more information on the internet, where she found Raizer M.

Betty found that the Raizer M is a manual version of the lifting chair, Raizer, which still requires only very little effort from the helper and is specifically targeted at private users. The decision to buy a Raizer M from Liftup's webshop was easy and the purchase has fulfilled several needs for the family. Betty says about the Raizer M; "It meets my need for safety and security in relation to help my husband in a safe way," she continues; "It is important to me that I can take care of my husband at home."

Betty has also bought a seat cover and a carry case for her Raizer M, to make it easier to transport in e.g., the car.

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Raizer M

If you or a close relation should experience a fall accident, there is a risk that you are unable to get up by yourself. The Raizer M offers help on the spot, and the help is carried out by someone near and quickly by your side. The Raizer M is a lifting chair which swiftly and efficiently can be assembled around the fallen person, and in just a few minutes the person will be raised to an almost standing position – and with no strain on the helper.

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