EasyLift Case: Hotel, Copenhagen

White EasyLift installed at a five star hotel in Copenhagen

Villa Copenhagen is a five-star hotel centrally located in Copenhagen. The hotel continues the story of the Post and Telegraph Center's head office from 1912 and allowing the past, present and future to come together in an inspiring and playful ambience.

The wellness and relax area allow guests to enjoy and rediscover energy in beautiful surroundings next to the rooftop pool and gym. A level difference in the floor to this very beautiful area made the hotel choose to have an EasyLift installed. The lift is often in use and gives wheelchair users and people with walking difficulties access to a level that normally would be difficult to reach.

The beautiful white EasyLift blends in well with the surroundings. The flexible design is well utilized, and the floor is covered with the same granite tiles, as the floor on which the lift is installed. The EasyLift appears as an integral part of the room.


EasyLift is an easy to use lifting platform giving access between two levels to wheelchair users and those with impaired mobility and walking restrictions. EasyLift incorporates clean lines and smooth surfaces into its elegant design, yet it is robustly constructed. These qualities make it an outstanding choice of lift and a simple, stylish and functional way to improve accessibility.

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