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FLEXSTEP Case: Kelles Soup Factory, Germany

Workplace for wheelchair users too

At this soup factory (Kelles Suppenmanufaktur) in Kläden, Sachsen-Anhalt, in Germany the installation of a FlexStep lifting platform made it possible to create a working place for two employees in wheelchair.

Even though the space was limited, the very short FlexStep with only 3 steps was fitted. It didn't require much space at the lower level. This is the shortest available platform and a perfect solution when the customer doesn't want the platform to take up space at the lower level.

Another unique feature is the PVC inserts for the steps instead of standard wood steps.


FlexStep is an elegant combination of regular stairs and wheelchair lift, which easily provides wheelchair users and the walking-impaired access between two levels. The convertible 2-in-1 solution saves a lot of space compared to both stairs and a lifting platform. FlexStep is easy to integrate into any existing surroundings due to a wide range of design options and configurations.

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