FlexStep Case: Museum of Modern Art, Moscow

FlexStep installed at art museum in Moscow

The world-famous Tretyakov Gallery Museum of Modern Art in Moscow, Russia is the main gallery of Russian art and holds one of the largest art collections in the world. The museum was founded in the mid-19th century and the historic building has now been made fully accessible to all visitors, including guests with limited mobility.

It was important to find a solution that could be reconciled with the stairs that connect the first and second floors of the museum's two buildings and therefore Liftup's Russian distributor, Observer Company, was contacted. They took on the project and implemented the FlexStep - a solution that unites flight of stairs and a separate lift. The product was primarily chosen because of design and functionality.

Maxim Vasiljuk, Sales Manager at the Observer Company, says:”Tretyakov's Gallery is the most important art museum in Russia and for this beautiful building it was decided that FlexStep should be installed. FlexStep was the only solution that could fully meet the requirements set in terms of design and functionality.”

The FlexStep is beautifully integrated and is now in perfect harmony with the museum's interior. It does not take up space at all and the color is ideally selected for this project.


FlexStep er en innovativ og konvertibel 2-i-1 løsning, som sparer en masse plads i forhold til, hvis du skulle have både trappe og lift. FlexStep fungerer både som en almindelig trappe og som en lift for kørestolsbrugere, og den er således et funktionelt hjælpemiddel, som mange gangbesværede og kørestolsbrugere kan få glæde af i hverdagen.

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