Raizer II Case: Case study from UK

Mid and South Essex Health and Care Partnership

Felgains - One of Liftups Raizer partners in UK - has conducted a case study that we would like to share with you for inspiration on how to work the Care Home sector. We are of course well aware that there are almost as many care systems as there are countries where we sell our Raizer products – and that is a lot! Nevertheless, the study provides a solid documentation on cost saving in the UK market.


The Challenge: Too many Ambulance callouts and long lies. The Solution: Is Raizer II the solution to both challenges by issuing Raizer chairs to Care Homes?

The Felgains case study in Mid and South Essex, UK, was conducted together with Mid and South Essex Health and Care Partnership. Mid and South Essex Health and Care Partnership (MSE HCP) looked at how they could reduce ambulance callouts to non-injury falls in care homes. They then identified an assessment tool to enable care home staff to ascertain whether a fallen resident was safe to be lifted from the floor.

MSE then carried out an options appraisal on falls lifting equipment. They chose the Raizer lifting chair because it is easy to assemble and safely lifts the fallen resident from the floor in a smooth motion. Felgains then worked with MSE to identify what we were trying to achieve with the project and supported them with a delivery of 70 Raizer lifting chairs.

To maximize the success of the first delivery, Felgains delivered a 45-minute personalized face to face training session in every care home to a selected Raizer responsible person, who then cascaded the training to all their staff. To support this, they also created a bespoke Raizer training video that not only explained what the Raizer lifting chair is, but also why the care home had been given a Raizer and how to operate the Raizer lifting chair.

The UK Case Results in Headlines
Estimated cost savings for 320 Care Homes in Mid and South Essex, UK.

Improved Care in Care Homes
Over the 6-week period, the 48 participating care homes achieved a 69% reduction in ambulance callouts. This freed up the ambulance service to improve response times to very urgent callouts and reduce handover delays. Care home staff can respond much quicker to fallen residents. Staff morale has improved, as they are feeling much more empowered and confident in their ability to self-sufficiently respond to falls. Avoiding long lies has reduced the risk of harm to residents, protecting their wellbeing in the community. The stable supportive lift of the Raizer chair minimizes distress and the risk of injury to both residents and staff.


Source: Felgains Limited, UK distributor of Raizer.

Raizer II

The battery-operated mobile lifting chair Raizer II helps a fallen person up to an almost standing position in a few minutes. The aid can be operated by only a single assistant, and it requires only limited physical effort from the operator aside from a helping hand.

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