HDN in pit

Be aware to configure your HDN solution before you make the pit for it.

3 very important configuration factors have to be settled before the right pit drawing can be found:

  • Size of the platform: The length is for all 3 models 1400 mm, but the width varies from 900, 1.000 and 1.100 mm.
  • Lifting height: 0-200 mm the lifting platform is fitted with a single set of safety panels whereas when the height exceeds 201 mm the panels consequently has to be higher (solution: 2 layers expand). 
  • Exit at the top level: Configure the HDN in compliance with needs. It is possible to enter the lifting platform from all 3 sides but only possible to exit from one of the sides as the safety panels covers the wheelchair on the 3 open sides.

HDN with short side exit.png

Pit depth is always 350 mm.

Indoor / outdoor pit

Only difference is the drain.


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