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"Raizer is an excellent help in our day-to-day work."

- Heidi Aagaard, Nurse

Raizer is a mobile lifting chair that helps a person who has fallen on the floor to get up again in just a few minutes.

Raizer can be operated by a single assistant and requires only limited physical effort beyond the help of a supportive hand.

Efficient Lift of a Resident

Operating Raizer requires only one helper which can alleviate stressful situations, as the lift can be performed swiftly and easily without the caregiver having to wait for assistance.

The fallen person can be lifted from the floor to an almost standing position in just a few minutes - even in locations with narrow spaces. In this way, the helper can quickly move on to the next task.

A Minimum of Strain

With Raizer you can perform a safe and comfortable lift and the caregiver avoids strain on e.g. back and arms.

The lifting chair ensures an automatic, stable and safe lift and thus is gentle for both the helper and the fallen person.

Raizer requires only a brief introduction and is easy for the helper and any new staff to operate.

Easy to Transport

Raizer is easily transported using two handbags; one for the backrest and legs and one for the seat/engine.

Raizer can be transported with a trolley or carried on the back and/or by hand. If the Raizer must be transported up the stairs, you can click on stair wheels for the Raizer trolley.


Supplementary equipment: Bags, trolley with bike bracket and stair wheels for Raizer trolley



Raizer is easy to disinfect and clean after use. It is possible to purchase hygiene covers for the seat which can make the cleaning a lot easier as the cover is disposed after use.

Learn more about the Raizer hygiene cover here >

Extra seat belts

If it is required to offer additional protection to the fallen person, one or more extra seat belts may be applied.

Additional seat belts may be fitted to the backrest to further support the upper torso of the fallen person. This will offer added support and stability, so that fallen person feels even more safe and comfortable during the lift.


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