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Raizer is a mobile lifting chair that helps a person who has fallen on the floor to get up again in just a few minutes.


Raizer can be operated by a single assistant and requires only limited physical effort beyond the help of a supportive hand.

Efficient Lift at Home

Raizer is operated by only one person which can alleviate stressful situations as the lift can be performed swiftly and easily in the user's own home by a relative.

The fallen person can be lifted from the floor to an almost standing position within a few minutes.

A Minimum of Strain

With Raizer you can perform a safe and comfortable lift and the helper avoids strain on e.g. back and arms.

The lifting chair ensures an automatic, stable and safe lift and thus is gentle for both the helper and the fallen person.

Raizer requires only a brief introduction and is easy for the helper to operate.

Stay Longer in Your Own Home

With Raizer, private individuals can become more self-reliant when fall accidents occur in their homes. Usually there will be no need for external help to perform the lift; a relative will be able to help - rather than waiting for professional help.

In some cases, fallen persons will be able to assemble the Raizer by themselves and perform the lift.

Sofie Djurhuus is diagnosed with muscular dystrophy and has gained more freedom with help from the Raizer.

Read the case about Sofie
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