EleNor by Liftup - Available for sale 2023

Thanks to its unique design, EleNor not only takes the accessibility requirements of wheelchair users and people with limited mobility into account, but also those who crave a little luxury in everyday life. Would you like your home to be future-proofed, or secure its market value, or are you simply tempted by the benefits of having easier access to all floors? Whatever your wishes, the flexible design and high quality offered by EleNor will make them a reality.

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EleNor is the latest addition to Liftup’s pioneering concept proving how a strong and simple construction opens up countless possibilities for individual adaptation. Based on Nordic design and rooted in Nordic quality, a star in the form of an innovative, modern lift is arriving to shine in the sky. With EleNor, Liftup is taking its range of lifts to new heights. 

EleNor’s unique and innovative composition and structure offer an incredible range of possibilities regarding design and adaptability to its surroundings. This is mainly because the motor unit situated between the profiles is adjustable, so reducing the prerequisites on the installation site and offering more options for configuration of the lift. The unique composition of EleNor offers huge flexibility in the configuring of a lift with an open appearance – regardless of from which side you access the platform! 

EleNor’s flexible structure means it can be adapted individually to its surroundings for an exclusive, yet relaxed style, which can be integrated into most buildings – whether indoors or outside. The laminated glass with rounded edges encircling the platform, as well as the door column pillars in the corners at half-height, combine to contribute to its light, open – and not least – floating Nordic look. There are numerous options for further adaptation of the materials. 

EleNor is one of the most service-friendly and reliable lifts on the market. It is particularly easy to maintain, as all units and components which require inspection are accessible from inside the platform. The belt-drive guarantees a stable and reliable ride, and the robust attachment to the 2 profiles on the end wall elevates the user effortlessly to the required level. EleNor has been designed in line with European and US lift standards and runs noiselessly, safely, and comfortably as no other lift. 

  • Model: EleNor, Open 
  • Platform size, internal: 1400 x 1100/1525 x 900 mm 
  • Platform size, external: 1860 x 1280 mm 
  • Lifting capacity: 400 kg / 2 persons 
  • Lifting height: Up to 3 m 
  • Lifting speed: 0.15 m / sec. 
  • Approval: CE marked according to Machine Directive 2006/42/EC 
  • Standards: EN81-41:2011, ASME A18.1:2020 
  • Developed and tested as per EN81-41:2011, ASME A18.1:2020 
  • Registered in the Register of Trade Marks, for design protection, and patent pending 
A light in the darkness

Even when darkness falls, EleNor is one step ahead. Lights around the edges of the platform and on the control panels mean you can safely use the lift whenever you like. The lights switch on automatically and go out by themselves after use. 

    • A high-quality Danish product 
    • A robust lifting principle 
    • Motor unit is adjustable and portable 
    • Access to platform from all sides 
    • Familiar interface for service inspection 
    • Pioneering, flexible design 
    • A minimum of installation site requirements 
    • Indoor as well as outdoor use 
    • No component is too large to pass through a house door 

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