FlexStep Cas: Hoehn family, USA

FlexStep - no longer isolated

The Hoehn family lives in Newark, California. Mr. Hoehn is diagnosed with ALS and is now using a powerchair to get around. The family lives in a tri-level home with lots of steps, where the stairs and the narrow corridors have made it impossible to get around.

Mrs. Hoehn explains how FlexStep has made a difference in their everyday lives: “The FlexStep now allows my husband to access two levels of the home his bedroom, kitchen, dining room, and living room. He no longer feels isolated by being only able to stay in one room”.

The family considered installing a ramp. However, it would extend too far out into the room and block a hallway. Instead of a ramp, a FlexStep was installed as it could be adapted to their beautiful home. Mrs. Hoehn says about FlexStep: “The FlexStep fits the area needed and solve our step problem” she explains, “The FlexStep now allows him to be part of the family again”.


Le FlexStep associe élégamment escalier et élévateur pour chaise roulante. Il offre ainsi aux utilisateurs de chaise roulante et aux personnes à mobilité réduite un accès facile entre deux niveaux. Le "deux en un" fait économiser beaucoup d'espace comparé à un escalier plus une plateforme élévatrice. Le FlexStep s'intègre facilement dans n'importe quel environnement existant grâce à son éventail d'options de conceptions et de configurations.

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