FlexStep Cas: Jacob A. Riis Museum, Ribe, Denmark

Two FlexSteps in the Jacob A. Riis Museum

The Jacob A. Riis Museum is situated in the centre of Ribe’s charming old town telling the fascinating story of a young boy from Ribe who emigrated to the USA in 1870.

The museum, which among other things presents more than 125 of his photographs of the New York slums, is the result of a conversion of his childhood home which after a thorough restoration opened as a museum in June 2019.

Jørgen Overbys Design Office has been in charge of the extensive renovation project, and in order to ensure complete accessibility, the architect chose to install two Liftup FlexStep staircases which thanks to their double function as staircase and wheelchair lift enable everybody including wheelchair users and persons with impaired walking ability, to safely pass through the museum even though the exhibition is distributed on several levels.

Flemming Just, director of the Museums of Southwest Jutland, is delighted and most enthusiastic about the FlexStep solution and says: “It is a major task to establish a museum with good accessibility in an old building with offset levels. Not only did we have to consider aesthetic aspects and functionality, also all our solutions had to be approved by The Danish Agency for Culture and Palaces. Therefore, the stairs solution from Liftup has been really fine for us.”

Jacob A. Riis (1849-1914) was a journalist, author, social reformer, and social documentary photographer. The most influential Danish-American ever, a pioneer in photojournalism and a photo documentarist. US President Roosevelt alluded to Jacob A. Riis as "the most useful citizen of New York"– in Denmark he is almost unknown. He died in 1914 in Barre, Massachusetts, U.S. and was by many acknowledge as a hero of his time.


FlexStep er en innovativ og konvertibel 2-i-1 løsning, som sparer en masse plads i forhold til, hvis du skulle have både trappe og lift. FlexStep fungerer både som en almindelig trappe og som en lift for kørestolsbrugere, og den er således et funktionelt hjælpemiddel, som mange gangbesværede og kørestolsbrugere kan få glæde af i hverdagen.

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