FlexStep Cas: The Danish Nature Agency

Renovation - but not space enough for both stairs and lifting platform

This is an issue for many Liftup's customers. Accessibility to another level requires normally both a staircase and a lifting platform.

During the renovation of the old building the architects discovered the benefits of the FlexStep - stairs and lifting platform in one solution. In the small passage Liftup's solution is fully integrated into the environment.

Stine Skivild Westing, Architect: "The FlexStep lift solves the problem of accessibility in a simple and good way - and at a place where other lift systems fall short. The lift was delivered as agreed and the cooperation with Liftup has worked well and smoothly".

The Nature Agency is an organisation under the Danish Ministry of Environment. The Nature Agency implements the government’s policies concerning nature and environment.



Le FlexStep associe élégamment escalier et élévateur pour chaise roulante. Il offre ainsi aux utilisateurs de chaise roulante et aux personnes à mobilité réduite un accès facile entre deux niveaux. Le "deux en un" fait économiser beaucoup d'espace comparé à un escalier plus une plateforme élévatrice. Le FlexStep s'intègre facilement dans n'importe quel environnement existant grâce à son éventail d'options de conceptions et de configurations.

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