When osteoarthritis affects your joints, the most common symptoms are pain, swelling and stiffness, all of which can lead to reduced movement of the joint and mobility. Whilst regular exercise and weight control are two of the most effective ways of helping yourself to live with osteoarthritis, your quality of life can also be improved with welfare aids to help you move around your home or place of work.

On this page we will show you some of the aids we have designed to make living with osteoarthritis a little easier.

Liftup Inc. helps to make it easier for you to live with osteoarthritis

There is currently no cure for osteoarthritis, but there are many things you can do to ease the symptoms and slow down their progression. Both muscle-strengthening and aerobic exercise can help to ease pain and reduce joint stiffness, and a doctor or physiotherapist can advise which are the best exercises for you. Careful weight management can help to reduce the strain on joints and losing even a small amount of weight can help to ease the burden on hips and knees. Central to regular exercise and weight control is a planned approach so that you gain the maximum benefit without overdoing it.

Alongside regular exercise to keep joints moving, there are also welfare aids available to help make living with osteoarthritis easier, in your home or workplace. Since being founded in 2003, our parent corporation, Liftup A/S, has strived to become the market leader in assistive welfare technology aids and was awarded the Danish Industry’s national Initiative Award in 2018.

Liftup’s welfare aids help osteoarthritis sufferers with mobility and access challenges in the home and workplace. From our extensive range of lifts to our exercise and lifting aids, we are sure you will find an aid to help with your specific osteoarthritic needs. We know that living with osteoarthritis in your home or workplace can be a daily struggle and at Liftup our mission is to design and develop welfare aids to help improve your mobility and access around your living and working places.

Liftup products can improve your quality of life by helping you live with osteoarthritis

The FlexStep quickly transforms from a standard staircase to a lift with a flat platform, giving trouble-free access between shorter height distances. This practical, 2-in-1 solution fits perfectly into any home, workplace or public building. It has many built-in safety features and is robustly made to give you years of risk-free operation. As the severity of the symptoms of living with osteoarthritis can vary from day to day, with a FlexStep lift you can choose between using the stairs with a handrail or using it as a platform lift.

Some people living with osteoarthritis are at increased risk of falling. This brings additional stress if you are unable to get back to your feet after a fall. To assist you should the worst happen, and to alleviate the worry associated with falls, Liftup has designed the Raizer. This compact, battery-operated lifting aid helps you safely back into a supported sitting position from where you can get back to your feet. The Raizer can also help to prevent secondary lifting injuries and strains occurring to those who come your aid.

We are always ready to help you at Liftup North America, Inc.

A Liftup North America, Inc. mobility aid or lift in your home will help you to move around more quickly and safely. Osteoarthritis needn’t be a limiting factor in your daily life because our products are designed to fit neatly into your home to mitigate your symptoms.  If you are wondering which aid would help you the most, or have specific questions about any of our products, or just want to talk about your options, at Liftup North America, Inc. we are always available to help and we encourage you to contact us. We look forward to hearing from you and helping to make living with osteoarthritis a little easier for you.

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