Parkinson's Disease

The symptoms of Parkinson’s disease manifest themselves very differently from person to person. While some people with the disease seem to show no signs of having it, others may be very visibly affected. If the symptoms are visible, impaired mobility is often the biggest challenge, with sufferers having difficulty moving around easily. Those with Parkinson’s may also find it more difficult to concentrate as they lose mobility. At Liftup Inc. we want to create equal opportunities for all and on this page you find products designed to make living with Parkinson’s easier.

Liftup Inc. makes living with Parkinson’s a little easier

Parkinson’s can bring several complications, including muscle rigidity, slow movement and the shaking of limbs. Together with these motion problems, sufferers often have a shortened stride, taking shorter steps as they lack confidence coordinating their arms and legs. Parkinson’s can also bring on a general feeling of fatigue, which makes moving around particularly exhausting. Since its founding in 2003, Liftup has endeavoured to be a leader in assistive welfare technology products and was awarded the Danish Industry’s national Initiative Award 2017.

If you are living with Parkinson’s disease, Liftup’s products can assist you to overcome some of its challenges. We are sure that among our exclusive range of lifts and platforms, you will find a product to help with your specific needs and assist your everyday life. Many people take mobility for granted, but with Parkinson’s the daily reality can be very different.

Liftup North America, Inc. products give you a better quality of life by helping you live with Parkinson’s

FlexStep can transform quickly from a standard staircase to a lift, giving trouble-free access between shorter height distances to people with reduced mobility. With FlexStep you get a practical 2-in-1 solution with an innovative and efficient design that can fit perfectly into any home. FlexStep converts easily between a staircase and a lifting platform, providing easy access in many situations. It has many built-in safety features, so you can be confident that incorporating one into your home will give you years of risk-free operation.

At Liftup North America, Inc. we are always ready to help

Parkinson’s will more than likely affect your daily life, but our products are designed to integrate seamlessly into your home to provide effortless assistance and to mitigate the symptoms. Our FlexStep lift, for example, integrates so completely with its surroundings that at first glance you may not even see it. This is because it has a fully built-in design, and the platform floor can be fitted with the same material as the surrounding floor. The FlexStep lift therefore literally ‘fits’ the home, integrating so completely as to become a natural part of it. In addition to the carefully built-in design you are guaranteed a stable and safe transportation because the FlexStep lift has an extremely advanced lifting mechanism to ensure a completely smooth and level operation.

People living with Parkinson’s are often at increased risk of falling. To alleviate the worry of falls, and to assist people back to their feet should the worst happen, Liftup has developed the Raizer. This is a compact, simple lifting aid that will help carers or relatives to lift a patient quickly and safely back into a supported sitting position. The Raizer can also help prevent secondary lifting injuries occurring to those who come to the patient’s aid.

With a Liftup product installed in your house you will be able to move a lot more quickly and safely around your home. At Liftup Inc. we are always ready to help, and if you have any questions regarding our award-winning products, you are welcome to contact us and we look forward to hearing from you.

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