Sclerosis is a disease which can affect the central nervous system to different degrees. While some people experience long periods where they hardly feel symptoms associated with the disease at all, others may be affected on a more regular basis. So, how sclerosis manifests itself varies greatly from person to person, but the person afflicted can typically feel, for example, sensory disturbances, muscle weakness or insecure balance. Regardless of how sclerosis manifests itself in you, at Liftup Inc. we always offer a range of welfare technology products which make everyday life easier.

If you experience disturbances in your legs, for example, our FlexStep might be the natural choice when the stairs are no longer easy to get up or down. With the FlexStep, you have a safe and reliable product that can get you around your home unhindered. At the same time, the lift is easy to operate, so you can move between different floor levels completely on your own.

At Liftup North America, Inc., you find aids for sclerosis

If you are looking for products which can make everyday life more trouble-free for you with sclerosis, you may want to look to us. We always offer the customised solution, FlexStep, where availability and health are just some of our cornerstones. If you feel reduced strength in your legs in connection with your illness, a lift might be the product which carries you to another floor level in your home unhindered. Although our lift is especially spacious inside, the outside is of a particularly compact design to suit any home interior. We are the ultimate partner in welfare technological aids and thus, of course, handle everything from measuring and advisory regarding installation options to actually installing the lift.

To many people, living with sclerosis is a natural part of everyday life, which is why our solutions have to be so as well. The FlexStep is a popular choice when you are seriously looking for a product to suit your environment. The lift integrates into the home’s surrounding environment easily and elegantly, and you typically do not notice the product at first glance. The FlexStep is produced according to a stable, registered lifting principle, which is your guarantee for a safe lift. At the same time, the lift is extremely silent in operation and you therefore get an aid which is discreet in many ways and a little out of the ordinary.

Easier everyday life with sclerosis

As a person affected by disease, balance disorders may sometimes be among the symptoms you may experience. If, in this connection, stairs seem a daunting challenge, an aid can be an advantage and eliminate the worries and troubles associated with moving around in your own home freely. Liftup North America, Inc. aims to create equal opportunities for all, and therefore we always offer a range of welfare products for all needs and desires. FlexStep, for example, is a simple lifting platform to match level differences in the floor. FlexStep is particularly easy to both install and use. But with this functional solution, you get much more than that. The platform’s design, focusing on the latest trends in architecture, also means that it fits into any interior decoration easily.

When it comes to quality lifts, at Liftup we are the absolute market leader. We do not compromise on quality or design, and it is thus not without reason that our products have won several prestigious awards over the years, including "Aid of the Year". If you are looking for a product that can function both as a regular staircase and as a lift, FlexStep could be exactly the product for you. This innovative two-in-one solution saves you a lot of space, while you can easily adjust the products depending on how much your illness affects you from day to day. Thanks to the many different safety measures, the product is safe to use and FlexStep is thus a solution you are sure to benefit greatly from. 

We are always ready to help you

Relatives of someone affected by sclerosis will surely recognise how, in different situations, you can feel powerless when it comes to helping the afflicted person. In connection with falls, however, the Raizer is one example of a great product which, in minutes, helps a person from a lying to a standing position. The lifting chair is both safe and easy to use, and it even requires limited physical effort from the person helping. At Liftup North America, Inc., we are always ready to help you, and if you have questions about our many welfare technology products, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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