Fixed Staircase and Railing

If additional space is available beside your FlexStep, you may want to add a fixed staircase and maybe also a railing in order to complete the overall impression of your installation.

Fixed staircase


Fixed staircases are available in step widths 700 mm, 800 mm, 900 mm or 1.000 mm (equivalent to all four FlexStep widths).

Fixed staircases can be erected both indoors and outdoors (only square balusters). The fixed staircase is mounted against the front wall and base and is available with round or square balusters to match the FlexStep.

The fixed staircase is compliant with EN 1090.

Please observe: If the difference in level exceeds 900 mm, in some cases it may be necessary to install a fixed “wall”/shield in full height between the FlexStep and the fixed staircase.



Complete your installation with a section of railing at the lower or upper level, identical to the railing mounted on the FlexStep lift and perhaps also on the fixed staircase, if any.

The railing is available with round or square balusters to match the FlexStep and the fixed staircase.

Each balustrade is fixed to a steel bar ready to screw onto the floor.


(Hvalsø Pharmacy’s FlexStep with a fixed staircase and railing. Technical drawing and photo of the installation.)

Contact us to learn more about the fixed staircase and railing.

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