FlexStep Cas: CFD, Denmark

To keep a walking-impaired in the centre

Deaf, deafblind and hearing impaired people with additional impairments are the users and inhabitants of the residential servicecentre CFD. The additional challenge, difficult to climb up the stairs, becomes manageable with FlexStep.

The residents at CFD are even more dependent on the intuitive operation of the FlexStep than the majority of Liftup's customers. Pushbuttons and call stations to operate the FlexStep meet all requirements from the Danish Association for the Disabled and INTUITIVENESS is a very important keyword here.

To facilitate the project to provide access between two levels with only one product, Liftup took the project of the process process: Coordination and communication with all the workmen before we fitted the FlexStep were also our job. One contact person and one responsable supplier!

Conny Anette Møller, Team Leader at CFD: "FlexStep is the right solution for CFD, as it has meant more freedom of movement for residents. It is easy to operate, which means that most of the residents can independently use it. Functional as well as pleasing to the eye. The best purchase we've done in a long time."


Le FlexStep associe élégamment escalier et élévateur pour chaise roulante. Il offre ainsi aux utilisateurs de chaise roulante et aux personnes à mobilité réduite un accès facile entre deux niveaux. Le "deux en un" fait économiser beaucoup d'espace comparé à un escalier plus une plateforme élévatrice. Le FlexStep s'intègre facilement dans n'importe quel environnement existant grâce à son éventail d'options de conceptions et de configurations.

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