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Become a Liftup Distributor

As a distributor for Liftup, you join a global network of distributors, providing you with numerous benefits. A Distributor Program, designed to ensure a swift start-up and secure profits and advantages for you as a distributor.

Product Training

Distributors are required to participate in training programs facilitated by Liftup to become familiar with the products they sell. This ensures they can provide effective support and guidance to customers. 

  • For the distributor:
    Increased product knowledge and expertise, facilitating the sales process.

  • For the customer:
    Better advice and support from well-trained distributors who can provide tailored solutions. 

Experienced Sales Staff

Distributors are required to have qualified and trained sales personnel to ensure effective presentation, assessment of site, and sale of products. 

  • For the distributor:
    Opportunity to differentiate by offering expertise and instilling trust in customers.

  • For the customer:
    Improved purchasing experience and confidence in products through professional and knowledgeable guidance.

Marketing and advertising

Cooperation between Liftup and distributors in marketing and  advertising campaigns promoting products and the brand.

  • For the distributor:
    Cooperation in successful marketing campaigns increases visibility and attracts more customers.

  • For the customer:
    Better awareness of products and potential benefits through effective advertising strategies.

Service and Support

Distributors  are  obligated  to  provide service and support to customers, including installation, maintenance, and repair of products.

  • For the distributor:
    Additional revenue opportunities through service offerings and maintenance contracts.

  • For the customer:
    Security and long-term value through reliable service and support.

Compliance with Standards

As a Distributor you are expected to be the expert in compliance with specific country standards and quality requirements to ensure that Liftup products meet the standards and norms.

  • For the distributor:
    Enhanced reputation and trust from customers and the market.

  • For the customer:
    Assurance of quality and compliance with industry standards.

Contractual Obligations

Specific contractual obligations, including sales quotas, reporting, and compliance with sales terms.

  • For the distributor:
    Clear guidelines for achieving and exceeding sales goals.

  • For the customer:
    Transparency and security through clearly defined sales terms.

World distributor seminar

At Liftup, we champion unity and growth. Biennially, our global distributors unite for the World Distributor Seminar in Denmark — an event beyond product news and best-case practice. It's a dynamic forum for empowering distributors with cutting-edge sales and marketing insights. Beyond presentations, it's a celebration of collective strength, fostering vital networks, shared experiences, and inspiration. Join us for a unique opportunity to learn, connect, and elevate success together at the World Distributor Seminar. Come be part of an exciting journey where, together, we reach new heights of success! 

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