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Old historic building in Finland

In Turku, Finland, the old buildings on Kurjenlinna represent a historically valuable significance for the city both in terms of architecture and social history. These old hospital buildings from the late 1800s have undergone a major renovation to business premises and apartments.


Free accessibility to the building

In the process of combining old and new, Liftup's distributor in Finland, Cibes Hissit Oy, has worked to improve the accessibility to the main entrance by implementing an EasyLift. Now wheelchair users and walking-impaired have the same possibilities and free access to the building.

Simple and stylish

EasyLift is a simple, stylish and functional way to improve accessibility and is fully integrated in the interior design that has been achieved in the complete modernization of the old historic buildings in Turku. The lift is designed with a focus on straight lines and flat surfaces and gives wheelchair users and people with walking difficulties access to levels that would normally be difficult to reach.


EasyLift is an easy to use lifting platform giving access between two levels to wheelchair users and those with impaired mobility and walking restrictions. EasyLift incorporates clean lines and smooth surfaces into its elegant design, yet it is robustly constructed. These qualities make it an outstanding choice of lift and a simple, stylish and functional way to improve accessibility.

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