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HDN in private home

Open your home and bring people together with HDN. This solution provides full accessibility to all levels for the whole family, and the discreet installation maintains the open spaces of a modern home. The inclusivity that HDN brings into a room promotes the sense of independence and freedom that everyone needs to feel at home.









  • Wireless call station mounted on the wall
  • Safety panels all around
  • Matching floorboards
  • Invisible when not in use
  • Roll-off protection

Concealed design

The name ‘HDN,’ which stands for ‘HIDDEN,’ is fitting when you consider it. The lift is thoughtfully concealed beneath tiles matching the entire floor, achieving a seamless integration within the interior. Furthermore, the inclusion of safety panels on the sides of the HDN lift has proven to be immensely valuable, especially with small children in the household. They serve as a safety feature, significantly reducing the risk of accidents such as getting stuck or pinched in or by the lift.

Enjoy a home free from major obstacles, allowing everyone to navigate their everyday lives with ease and confidence.”


HDN is a lift that is easy to install and integrate into any room because the lifting platform is built into the floor. Its discreet design makes for an elegant inclusion into an existing building or new construction project whatever its aesthetic or architectural style.

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