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60s modernist office building

In the central Jutlandic town of Herning there is an attractive, old building constructed in 1965. Today the building acts as an office building for a firm of engineers and consultants. The building still has the original red brick exterior from the 60s, but some things have nevertheless changed. That is, the building has been modernised and made sustainable and accessible.


Sustainable renovation

In 2018 the building underwent a major renovation with the aim of making it future-proof and sustainable. At the same time, however, it was important to preserve the original architecture with elements of the modernist, Nordic construction style of the 60s. Thus, it was decided to use smart solutions that would modernize and future-proof the building.

Concealed design

Now when you enter the main entrance, you see an accessibility solution provided by Liftup. Or maybe you don’t notice it at all because it’s a HDN lifting platform concealed in the floor and camouflaged with tiles matching the rest of the floor. The existence of the platform is only given away by the thin metallic perimeter of the platform. Here, a HDN is hidden until it is elevated to lift users above the small height difference in the entrance area.

Employee at AFRY says

"It's great that everyone can come into the office without worrying about accessibility."

Open office landscape

HDN was chosen based on a general desire to switch from the building’s original corridor setup to a more open office environment, which was to create an inspiring and innovative working atmosphere. For this reason, the renovation included the dismantling of a floor to create a large, open atrium at the main entrance. HDN contributes to this by making the building accessible without taking up room in the large, open space.

The renovation price

Besides the renovation’s emphasis on spaciousness, stress was also put on sustainability and energy use, and the building was awarded the Silver certificate in sustainability as per the DGNB certification scheme. It thereby became the first existing building in Denmark to be certified upon completion of renovation according to the rules for new buildings. The renovation project was so successful that in 2020 it was nominated for the Renoverprisen, awarded to Denmark’s top renovation projects.


HDN is a lift that is easy to install and integrate into any room because the lifting platform is built into the floor. Its discreet design makes for an elegant inclusion into an existing building or new construction project whatever its aesthetic or architectural style.

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