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Rapid, safe stair training

StairTrainer is a useful aid for retraining and regular training. StairTrainer is a versatile and mobile solution to help regain the ability to negotiate stairs.


Rapid, safe retraining

Stair training can start at an early stage, as StarTrainer can be set at various step heights to make it easier to get started after an injury or illness.

Comfort and Safety

  • Digital display
    The StairTrainer features a display which shows the current step height setting. This provides the user with an easy way to monitor progress as the stair height increases

  • Enclosing handrail
    The small plateau at the top is encircled by a handrail so that it is safe to turn round without the fear of falling down a long staircase.

  • Secure handrails
    The StairTrainer design incorporates safety features such as an all-round handrail which makes it safer to use for both the patient and the physiotherapist.

  • Plug and play
    StairTrainer is ready for use. Just need to be plugged into a socket.

  • Easy assistance
    The therapist can remain close to the patient the entire time since he/she is never any further away than the other side of the handrail.


Adjustable and mobile

This innovative device boasts fully adjustable handrails and stair height, making it suitable for both children and adults with varying requirements. Its adaptability proves invaluable in helping patients rebuild their confidence when ascending stairs. Rehabilitation can initiate on low stairs with the height progressively increasing.

  • Mobile training device

  • Several adjustment options for level of difficulty

  • Faster begin of rehabilitation process

  • Safer way of training or exercising


The StairTrainer features a digital display and wheels for transportantion

The StairTrainer features a display which shows the current step height setting. This provides extra motivation to the patient to continue with their rehabilitation as they can monitor their progress as the stair height increases. The wheels give the StairTrainer additional flexibility by allowing you to easily relocate it to where you need it. Due to its compact design, the StairTrainer can fit through doorways as narrow as 90 cm.

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