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Care center

In Dronninglund, a town in Northern Jutland, you’ll find Margrethelund Care Center surrounded by beautiful nature. When entering the main building of the care center you step into a beautiful indoor garden where the residents of the care center can relax. In this indoor garden we meet the physiotherapist Helene and 88-year-old resident Egon. Egon is on his way to the exercise room for his daily rehabilitation exercise with StairTrainer. Egon is visibly having trouble walking, but that doesn’t seem to prevent him from being full of energy and in a great mood.  He has a big smile on his lips as he invites us to join him in the exercise room.


Meet Egon

Margrethelund Care Center houses 80 residents with 24 rooms for temporary residents who just need support and rehabilitation for a limited period. Egon has moved into one of the temporary resident rooms after a falling accident causing him a hip fracture. After his fall Egon has needs rehabilitation, but the plan is for Egon to return fully to living in his own home.






Gradually increase the height

At Egon’s apartment there is a staircase, so it is important that Egon performs exercises training him to walk safely on the stairs. He has been living at Margrethelund Care Center for two weeks, and he is halfway through his rehabilitation plan now. The physiotherapist Helene explains that the rehabilitation plan begins with StairTrainer adjusted with a low setting on the step height, and then they gradually increase the height of the steps as the rehabilitation progresses.  

- Helene, Physiotherapist

”We can adjust the steps on StairTrainer and gradually increase height, until it matches the stairs at Egon’s home”

Needs support

Egon needs support from a walking cane in his everyday life, so Egon and Helene practice to only use his left hand on the rail when he’s walking on the StairTrainer. This way they simulate the reality when Egon goes home and has to walk on stairs with a cane.





Portable aid

Helene uses the StairTrainer daily in her work with rehabilitation of residents. She highlights the mobility and flexibility of StairTrainer as great advantages in her work. StairTrainer is easily moved by just one person, and it can be adjusted to meet the needs of the individual.

- Helene, Physiotherapist

”If we have a resident who has trouble walking from their room to the exercise room we can easily move StairTrainer to their room. That makes everything easier.


StairTrainer is a rehabilitation and training aid. If you have an injury it is important to commence your rehabilitation quickly, to give yourself the most chance of regaining as much of your prior mobility and fitness as possible. StairTrainer is a mobile, fully adjustable staircase that is used to support patients in rehabilitation as they learn to use stairs again.

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