Safety door and vertical barrier

When the lifting height is above 500 mm safety options at top landing is required: A vertical safety barrier or a door.

The vertical safety barrier

The barrier is used at top landing on both FlexStep and EasyLift when the lifting height is above 500 mm. The barrier prevents persons from falling down when the staircase is away and provides safety at top level.

The vertical safety barrier will always be closed, when the staircase is away and provides safety at top level. The ramp is raised, when the lift is not at the lower level.

Vertical barrier on FlexStep V2  Vertical barrier for FlexStep V2

FlexStep V2 with vertical barrier


EasyLift with vertical barrier

Automatic onboard barrier (optional)

The automatic onboard barrier is mounted on the platform to protect against falling from the platform while it's moving. The barrier activates automatically when FlexStep is being operated, and it folds into a discreet standby position when FlexStep is not being used.


FlexStep with automatic onboard barrier

The safety door

The doors are made of the same material as the rest of the lift and painted in the same colour.

It's fitted with either a clear or smoke polycarbonate plate and is hinged on the right or left hand side of the lifting platform (seen from inside the lift).

Is available with door at top landing.



Is available with door at both top landing and on the platform.


As the HDN never goes higher than 500 mm, a door at the top landing is normally not required. It is, however, possible to connect a door to the HDN.


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