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2-in-1 solution with steps and lift

FlexStep is an innovative, compact accessibility solution, able to act as ordinary steps and a lift for wheelchair users.

FlexStep has a wide range of design and configuration options, making it easy to integrate into existing rooms and situations.








Accessibility solution for every style

FlexStep offers lots of customisation options giving you the flexibility to match your existing décor if you wish, or the ability to choose something complementary. Customisable options include the finish material, colour, installation configuration and more.

Hotel, Edinburgh
Joe and the juice, Aalborg
SYNG Karaoke, Oslo
Christiansborg, København
Burger Joint, Århus


More than a technology you need

it’s a technology you want.


An adaptable, space-saving solution

If finding space for both a flight of stairs and a stairlift is proving problematic, a FlexStep stairlift could be the answer you are looking for. This clever 2-in-1 stairlift and steps solution gives you both stairs and a stairlift even in the tightest places; if you have room for stairs, there’s room for a FlexStep stairlift.


Comfort and safety

FlexStep from Liftup is a very safe product to use, thanks to the many safety features.


The finishing touch with a fixed staircase

A fixed staircase can be built indoors aswell as outdoors. A fixed staircase is installed leading up to a front wall and floor and can be supplied with round or square balustrades to harmonise with FlexStep.

Fixed steps are available in step widths of 700 mm, 800 mm, 900 mm or 1,000 mm





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