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A warranty that follows the product.

With the product registration, the owner of a Liftup product will be offered access to a Manufacturer’s General Warranty cover that will guarantee supply of spare parts through an authorized distributor for a period of two years from the date of purchase.

Assembly instructions

How to use Raizer II

The 4 identical legs and 2 identical backrests ensure correct assembly every time. As you assemble the lifting chair, pay attention to the intuitive sound and LED indicators which will guide you through the process and ensure everything is assembled correctly. 

You can rely on the quick guide in the carrying case along the way. 

Assembly instructions

How to use RAIZER M

The Raizer M lifting chair is operated in three steps: 

The 4 identical legs and 2 identical backrests fit in only where they belong, and clear assembly indicators verify that the parts have been assembled correctly 

The crank handle can be inserted and operated from both sides of the seat allowing for operation where there is sufficient room. 

  • Assemble the lifting chair around the person who has fallen 

  • Fasten the safety belt 

  • Turn the crank handle to raise the lifting chair 


  • General cleaning may only be done using a well-wrung cloth or sponge.

  • The Raizer is not waterproof and therefore must not be immersed in water or flushed with running water. It is however acceptable to clean the Raizer with a damp cloth.

  • You can disinfect your Raizer by using the below disinfectants recommended: Hydrogen Peroxide Aq. 1,0% (max.) (diluted hydrogen peroxide) Ethanol based products 70-85 v/v%. alcohol Soap solutions PH value max. 9


Service inspections

Under normal conditions of operation, a service life of >5 years may be expected, provided that the product is maintained in accordance with the guidelines of the producer. We recommend routine annual inspections (+/- one month) performed by a qualified service technician. 

The dealer you have bought the Raizer from will offer this service, but if you wish to use another service provider, you as the owner of the Raizer are responsible for ensuring that the chosen service technician is suitably qualified in the product in question.  

For safety reasons it is very important that these inspections are maintained, since lacking or improperly performed inspections may result in personal injury.  

RAIZER accessories

Hygiene cover

Buy additional hygiene covers for your RAIZER

With a hygienic cover around the RAIZER, cleaning after use can be omitted. Especially suitable for places where there are several users of RAIZER.

RAIZER accessories


Experience extra support with the headrest

We recommend supporting the neck and head of the person to be lifted as it may be hard to keep the head upright during the lift. In most cases, in connection with the Raizer II lifting chair, we recommend that the helper supports the person’s neck with one hand during the lifting process while simultaneously operating the remote control with the other hand.

However, in cases where it is necessary or practical for the helper to have both hands free, a headrest* may be a great help.  
To apply the headrest, push it under the neck of the lying person so that it slides between the two backrests. 






RAIZER accessories

Trolley, triple wheel for trolley and bicycle bracket

The Raizer bags can be transported on a trolley. Install triple wheels on the trolley if you need to transport a Raizer up the stairs. We also offer a bike bracket kit to mount the trolley behind a bicycle. Efficient transport for exactly your needs.

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