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Discover FlexStep

An innovative 2-in-1 staircase and lift solution!

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EleNor on TV

Introducing EleNor, the latest addition to Liftup’s innovative lineup, exemplifying the potential that arises from a robust and straightforward construction, allowing for limitless customization.

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Lifting people with Raizer

The lifting chair Raizer assists in lifting people from a lying to a sitting position!

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We design thoughtful, holistic, and aesthetically pleasing access solutions that lift people
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Liftup access products are now available as 3-D Revit models at the BIM-object platform.

Liftup has landed its biggest single order!

Liftup was established based on the FlexStep concept of stairs and a wheelchair lift in the same product, and it’s precisely this self-developed and unique product now setting a record for a single order destined for schools in Seoul, South Korea.

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