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Liftup aims to strengthen our reputation as a supplier of high-quality products and wishes to increase the overall brand awareness in all markets. We want all customers to know that Liftup – through its distributors - will warrant the quality of all Liftup products supplied – world-wide.


  • Clean by wiping off with a cloth that has been wrung out in water containing a mild detergent.

  • Do NOT use a high-pressure cleaner or wash the equipment down with water straight from a hose. Aggressive detergents and suchlike must not be used on the lift. Also avoid salt or sand coming into contact with the lift in connection with winter maintenance.

Inspection, checks and service inspections

In addition to the general maintenance, regular service inspections and statutory checks and inspections of the lift must be carried out.

As a producer, we recommend that the regular service inspection be carried out by an authorised service technician. The dealer from whom you have purchased the product will offer this service but, if you wish to use another service provider, it is the owner of the lift who will be responsible for the service technician chosen having received training on the product in question.

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