Liftup has landed its biggest single order!

09 September 2021

Liftup was established based on the FlexStep concept of stairs and a wheelchair lift in the same product, and it’s precisely this self-developed and unique product now setting a record for a single order destined for schools in Seoul, South Korea.

Liftup has worked purposefully with its South Korean distributor 

According to Liftup’s Area Sales Manager for South Korea, Niklas Hjelm Hansen, the lifts have been well-received in the market and demand has grown especially in the last few years, now culminating in this exceedingly large order.

The customer has ordered 40 FlexStep lifts in a single order for delivery during the autumn of 2021.

A large part of the order is for lifts to be installed at schools, one of the key customer groups served by the distributor. Other customer groups are, for example, private housing complexes and cultural institutions such as museums. As Hansen explains: “A couple of the schools had good experiences with FlexStep, so the distributor succeeded in getting the sale extended to further schools. We expect that going forward our distributor will be able to sell up to 100 lifts annually.”

Sales and Marketing Director Rene Vestergaard expounds on this point: “For several years we’ve been working to find the right partners in selected Asian countries and now in South Korea it looks like we’re spot-on. So now it’s a matter of ramping up this cooperation and at the same time trying to copy this successful formula in other Asian countries of interest. There is massive potential, but of course we’re aware that all countries are different culturally and legislatively as regards the purchase and use of welfare tech products such as our FlexStep or some of our other products. The art lies in copying the formula with an individual adjustment to the country in question which takes these differences into account. Some of the countries in which we’ll in the next few years try to create the basis for equivalent growth to what we’ve seen in South Korea are Japan, Malaysia, and Singapore.”


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