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Medical Clinic, Copenhagen

Located in Copenhagen the small family practice fits well in with the surrounding environment of harbor, water activity and new constructions. At this modern medical center with simple and elegant decor our FlexStep has been installed. 

The 6-step FlexStep ensures full accessibility and unites the two levels of the house. The white staircase with steps covered with the same wood cladding as the rest of the floor, makes the solution appear light and elegant.

The flexible design function both as an ordinary staircase and as a wheelchair lift ensuring people with walking difficulties and wheelchair users to get around safely, even though the clinic has several levels.









Medical doctor Louise

"I chose FlexStep because it saves space, as it functions both as an ordinary staircase and as a wheelchair lift, and I like the design and solution,"


FlexStep er en innovativ og konvertibel 2-i-1 løsning, som sparer en masse plads i forhold til, hvis du skulle have både trappe og lift. FlexStep fungerer både som en almindelig trappe og som en lift for kørestolsbrugere, og den er således et funktionelt hjælpemiddel, som mange gangbesværede og kørestolsbrugere kan få glæde af i hverdagen.

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