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Nordkraft, Aalborg, Denmark

Nordkraft is an old power station converted into a modern culture centre in Aalborg (Denmark). It goes without saying that the architecture is special as a major part of the previous power station has been maintained and now makes out the rustic framework for culture to prosper.


Moderne Culture Centre

Nordkraft houses the cinema ’Biffen’, and when events and film showings are organized, many visitors come by all at one time and therefore a functional solution is necessary allowing for accessibility while still maintaining the aesthetics.

Functional design

At the entrance to the cinema, two staircases have been installed in order to make the most of the space. The installation is a combination of a fixed staircase and a FlexStep. In other words, beside the FlexStep which works as a platform lift, a fixed staircase has been installed with the same design and appearance thereby making room for many visitors at the same time, e. g. at the end of a film performance.

Both staircases are designed in a black painted steel construction, square balustrades, round steel handrails and steps with a non-skid checker plate not only offering safety, but also providing a rustic and industrial appearance matching the interior and architecture of the rest of the culture centre.

The architect's choice

Choice of colour and materials was made according the specifications of the architect, and Liftup among other things designed a special “outdoor” version as the staircase is situated close to an exit and without insulation.

Legal Requirements and Industrial Design

In order to meet the legal requirements for accessibility into public buildings, the builder and Aalborg Community requested the installation of a platform lift.

The architects in charge of the project were keen to integrate the wheelchair stairlift into the existing design, and in course of this process Liftup came to visit several times and supplied 3D drawings as well as dimensional drawings to the architect to warrant the requested result.


FlexStep er en innovativ og konvertibel 2-i-1 løsning, som sparer en masse plads i forhold til, hvis du skulle have både trappe og lift. FlexStep fungerer både som en almindelig trappe og som en lift for kørestolsbrugere, og den er således et funktionelt hjælpemiddel, som mange gangbesværede og kørestolsbrugere kan få glæde af i hverdagen.

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