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The innovative composition and structure of EleNor offers an incredible number of possibilities in terms of design and ability to fit into the surroundings.

EleNor Open

1100 x 1400 mm platform


To achieve perfect design chorence, the lift's handrails can be ordered in any RAL color on request (standard: brushed stainless steel).


Install your own matching floor on the platform to make EleNor integrate seamlessly into the existing environment (standard: aluminum door panel, non-slip linolium, vinyl plank/Texas Oak).


Add your own personal touch on the lift's appearance by picking your preferred safety glass (smoked, frosted, coloured). Standard: Transparent safety glass.

Inner platform size
43 x 55 in
Outer platform size
52 x 73 in
Lifting capacity
882 lbs
Lifting height
45 - 118 in
29.5 ft/min
< 60 dB
Duty cycle
2 min. / 4 min.
Power supply
110-240 V / 50 Hz (13 A), max 2.900 W, standby < 150 W
Drive type
Double belt drive
EN81-41:2011, ASME A18.1:2020
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