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The mobile lifting chair Raizer helps a fallen person up to an almost standing position in a few minutes. Raizer can easily be assembled and operated by only one assistant and does not require any physical effort besides a supportive hand. The design of Raizer makes it easy to assemble and operate and ensures easy cleaning. 

A person who has fallen and cannot get up again is lifted up comfortably to a sitting or almost standing position in a way that supports the entire body throughout the process. This way of lifting shows consideration for the importance of being helped up in a dignified and safe way.
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Home Care
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Rescue Service
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Private Users

More than a technology you need

- It´s technology you want

Comfortable and Safe

  • Comfortable and safe for the person who has fallen.

  • Safe also for the person making the lift. No risk of physical strain/injury.

  • All the materials have been carefully selected with special attention to stability and durability and considering both the helper and the fallen person.

  • Raizer is fitted with safety belts to make sure that the fallen person feels secure and comfortable during the lifting process.

  • All surfaces of Raizer have been developed to be easy to clean as regards choice of materials and surface structure, and the surfaces of Raizer may also be disinfected.


Easy to Assemble

Raizer offers an exclusive and user-friendly design making it easy to quickly assemble the Raizer at any location. The two backrests are alike, and the four identical legs can be swiftly fitted in any sequence thus making the Raizer quick and easy to assemble under the fallen person. 







Battery-operated mobile lifting chair

Raizer II is easily assembled under a fallen person, and the lifting process is swiftly initiated by a push of a button on the remote control or the control panel on the side of the seat. This means that the assistant does not have to carry out a lift and is exposed to no strain on the back or shoulders. A person working alone can easily manage the Raizer II and assist the fallen person. 

The remote control is stored on the seat unit. 



  • All parts are supplied in two practical easy-to-carry bags.

  • The two bags can also be carried on a trolley (optional equipment) with enough space to place the bags side by side.

  • Disposable hygiene covers (optional equipment) are also available. This enhances infection control and sanitization.

  • Fit additional seat belts (optional equipment) for increased stability of the fallen person if this is required.







A Lifting chair designed for home use

The Raizer M is most suited for use in a private home and it can be operated by anyone. It takes no special skills to operate it, and it cannot be assembled incorrectly. Legs and backrests fit in only where they belong, and clear assembly indicators verify that the parts have been assembled correctly. The chair is operated by means of a crank handle – in an ergonomically correct manner and with no strain on the helper. The lifting process with the crank handle is performed at the pace you can manage. At any time, you can let go of the crank handle and take a break, with no risk that the chair may move. 

  • Safety in your everyday life

  • Aid for self-help at home

  • Comfortable and safe lifting

  • Easy and intuitive operation


About fall accidents

As people age, they become more susceptible to falling. Research has found that one in every four individuals aged over 65 years experience a fall at least once annually. Fortunately, most falls do not result in serious injuries, but some people may require assistance to stand up again after a fall. It can be challenging for a relative to lift someone off the floor, and outside help may not always be readily available, leading to long wait times. 

Falling is the most common accident experienced by older people, with a variety of factors contributing to the risk, including reduced muscle strength and weakened senses such as eyesight and other vital functions. Falling can have not only physical but also physiological and social effects, as it is common to feel more insecure after a fall. Although 2.8 million people are injured in falls in the US annually, many more falling accidents do not result in serious injury. 

Once an older person has experienced a fall, they are two to three times more likely to fall again within a year. Therefore, it is essential to have the right tools to aid in standing up again after a fall and to take steps to protect against the risk of falling at home. Strengthening muscle strength through training is especially useful in preventing falls.





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