Liftup is ready to embark on a new export adventure

16 April 2021

With the Raizer M lifting chair, Liftup is currently building on their previous export success - in the USA and elsewhere.

In Florida, a lot of elderly Americans from all over the country retirement in the sunshine. The head office of Liftup North America, Inc., a subsidiary of Liftup A/S in Støvring, is also located in Florida. The first shipment of the newly developed Raizer M lifting chair have just arrived to Liftup North America, Inc. from the factory in Støvring (Denmark).

Foto: Benny Steen Rasmussen, market responsible at Liftup North America, Inc. in Florida

Raizer M is the manual version of the lift chair, Raizer II, which requires very little effort from the helper and no prior prerequisites to use it.

The first shipment of the Raizer M arrived in Florida in March and the market responsible Benny Steen Rasmussen already received a very positive response from potential customers:

“We trust that there is a significant market for Raizer M among private persons in the USA. Not least because it is quite expensive to call the fire department for help. A Raizer M acquired by a private person will typically have a payback time of just two calls,” he explains and continues:

“We experienced the Raizer M in action when all of a sudden we received a Facebook call from a married couple in New York who had purchased one of the very first Raizer M’s in the USA: The wife had just taken a fall and was lying on the floor. The husband just wanted to make sure that he used the chair correctly. The wife quite often takes a fall, and this couple is a most authentic example demonstrating who the Raizer M can help. There are millions of elderly people over here who may benefit from the Raizer M,” says Benny Steen Rasmussen.

CEO at Liftup A/S, Søren Elisiussen, supplement by saying: “Now it will be possible for spouses, children and grandchildren to help their relatives. Just as the Raizer II saves professional healthcare and rescue service staff from back injuries and overload, it may save elderly or fragile people and their relatives a lot of worry. It gives added safety at home or in the local environment. With the Raizer M we can make almost anyone a potential helper.”

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