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Liftup environmental policy

Liftup is a responsible company that strives to protect the environment and nature. Liftup develops, manufactures, and markets welfare technology solutions with consideration for the consumers' and society's requirements and expectations for environmentally friendly products, manufacture, and behavior.


Saves on nature's resources and strives for our company to have the least possible impact on the environment and collaborates with an environmentally certified partner regarding waste management. 

Ensures a high degree of recycling and minimization of waste in all processes. 

Offers maintenance and repair service which helps to ensure a long life for our products. 

Encourages our suppliers to provide environmentally sound raw materials, products, and services. 

Continuously searches for new knowledge and technology to meet future environmental requirements through continuous improvements in the company. 

Initiates initiatives and uses products that save energy and water 

Informs employees about how they care for the environment in their daily functions, tasks, and actions. 

Reports regularly on environmental impacts to relevant authorities. 

Always complies with relevant legal requirements and criteria and works in accordance with recognized norms and standards, including ISO 9001 and EN1090. 

Uses ISO14001 and ISO9001 certified supplier for waste disposal. The certification means you can expect professional and targeted waste management procedures. 

Revised 12.11.2021

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