StairTrainer Case: Brønderslev Neuro Rehabilitation Centre

At the rehabilitation centre at the Northern Neuro Unit located in Brønderslev, goal-oriented and intensive rehabilitation of patients with moderate or severe brain damage is offered. The centre is one of the rehabilitation facilities for adult patients with acquired brain damage, for example, following a blood clot or a brain haemorrhage, in North Jutland Region.

Through specialised, multi-discipline and intensive rehabilitation, individuals with acquired brain damage can improve their functional abilities and thereby reduce the effects of disabilities and their consequences.

The individual patient’s course of treatment is planned in a multi-disciplinary rehabilitation team consisting of nurses, social and health assistants, doctors, occupational therapists, physiotherapists and, where relevant, speech therapists and neuropsychologists.

In the centre’s exercise premises, there is a StairTrainer by Liftup available as one of the tools the centre uses for rehabilitation treatments. In the event of an injury, it is important to get started quickly with rehabilitation so as to create the best conditions for reacquiring the same use of the limbs as before.

A stair trainer can be involved in a course of rehabilitation treatment even at an early stage. The StairTrainer can be set to different levels, starting with a very low step all the way down to 2.5 cm, and gradually increasing the degree of difficulty in tandem with the progress of the rehabilitation process. A secure grip on the handrail on both sides increases the safety of the rehabilitation treatment, while the small plateau at the top is encircled by a handrail so that it is safe to turn round without the fear of falling down a long staircase. The therapist can remain close to the patient the entire time since he/she is never any further away than the other side of the handrail all the way up and onto the plateau and also when the patient turns round to descend again on the way down. Alternatively, the therapist can also stand beside the patient on the rehabilitation stair.

Kristian Bech, senior therapist at the centre: “We use the StairTrainer for patients who are unsure of their balance, who have difficulty lifting their own legs and patients lacking in stamina”.

In 2022, funds were allocated for a further 30 beds with associated exercise and service functions in modern settings.


StairTrainer is a rehabilitation and training aid. If you have an injury it is important to commence your rehabilitation quickly, to give yourself the most chance of regaining as much of your prior mobility and fitness as possible. StairTrainer is a mobile, fully adjustable staircase that is used to support patients in rehabilitation as they learn to use stairs again.

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